Our focus is set on the bigger picture of your end game

We want to help you plan your financial future so that you know you’ll be on track to achieve financial security for your family (rather than most business owners who leave this to chance) so we’ll start by ascertaining your goals and creating a wealth accumulation plan so you know where you’re heading and we’ll update this every year to keep you on track.

Marlow Proactive - Focused on your Financial Future
Marlow Proactive - Monthly or Quarterly Contact is Essential

We don't like post year-end only clients! Monthly or Quarterly contact is essential

We can’t add true value to your business without regular contact and review meetings.

A cloud accounting system is a must – so we can respond 24/7

If you want your business to work smarter and faster, cloud accounting software is a wise investment. Working in the cloud will give you a better overview of your finances, and improve collaboration with your team and us, your Advisers.

Marlow Proactive - Cloud Accounting Specialists
Marlow Proactive - Fixed Price Fees for Clients

Fixed fees paid monthly by direct debit

There will be no unexpected bills landing on your desk with us. All of our work is carried out on a fixed fee basis which is paid monthly via direct debit.

You'll have your own dedicated Client Adviser

You'll be in safe hands with Marlow Proactive. When you first join us as a new client you will be introduced to your Client Adviser who will be on call to support you and your business every step of the way.

Marlow Proactive - An allocated Client Adviser on hand for you
Marlow Proactive - Much more than just a year-end accountant

We’ll be by your side not just another service provider

Unlike many other Accountants, we're here for you to call upon as an Adviser, not just someone you see after your year-end. We encourage you to have regular contact with us and want to be part of your business.

You'll see us as an investment not a cost

We're committed to helping our clients save money, whether that's by ensuring you only ever pay the legal minimum tax, helping you to structure your business and personal finances in a way that is efficient or by assisting you with the eventual sale of your business.

Marlow Proactive - We're committed to saving you money



You’ll be one of the few

Because we do more for our clients than most accountants it means we don’t need hundreds of clients. This ensures that every client receives a tailored and personal service. Plus our clients can call their dedicated adviser at any time without charge.


You’ll pay less tax

Tax is at the heart of everything we do. With us you’ll always only ever pay the legal minimum in taxes. We don’t just want to see you after your year-end – that’s normally too late to save any tax!


We charge fair prices

Of course you want value for money… and we want money for the value provided – sound fair? We always use fixed price agreements and take monthly payments for our fees. In addition, should you need additional support or services we always quote in advance.


Adam Marlow - Marlow Proactive Accountants

Adam Marlow



Carl Danvers - Marlow Proactive Accountants

Carl Danvers



Heather Barnes - Marlow Proactive Accountants

Heather Barnes

Office Manager


Kevin Halford - Marlow Proactive Accountants

Kevin Halford

Client Adviser


Deborah Anderton - Marlow Proactive Accountants

Deborah Anderton

Client Adviser


Amina Essop - Marlow Proactive Accountants

Amina Essop

Client Adviser


Sarah Belcher - Marlow Proactive Accountants

Sarah Belcher

Client Adviser


Sam - Marlow Proactive Accountants

Sam Clothier

Client Adviser


Kira - Marlow Proactive Accountant

Kira Woodiwiss

Junior Client Account Manager


Srishti Nagar

Srishti Nagar

Semi Senior Accountant


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