Our COVID Survive & Thrive Services

We know it is tough out there right now and it is likely to stay that way for a while longer, depending on which expert you listen to! 

You will definitely increase your chances of coming through this with help from a great team of advisors i.e. your Bank Manager, an HR Adviser, your Lawyer and of course your Accountant. So, has your team been helping you?

Over the past few months, we have been helping our existing clients and we have learnt what works and what does not and from this, we’ve designed a range of services we know businesses need…

COVID Survive & Thrive Services
COVID Survive & Thrive Services


We will discuss your current business issues and your outlook for returning to what you knew as normal, then together we will devise a 1-page action plan to help you through this. Then using forecasts we’ll test its viability and monitor your numbers with regular reports and meetings (yes via zoom!) to keep a tight grip of where you are, and you’re heading to keep you on track.


You will no doubt already have dabbled with this, but we can review what you have done and take this further if need be. We know the lenders and we know what they need to see, and we know the alternatives to bank loans!

COVID Survive & Thrive Services
COVID Survive & Thrive Services


You do not want to wind up in an employment tribunal by making mistakes with your employees. So, we have partnered with the experts at Eledecks HR. They will show you how to put together an agile plan to navigate the minefield ahead. Plan before you act otherwise you could regret it.


You know this is what we are meant to be good at as accountants but so many standard year-end only accountants do not proactively manage their clients tax leakage. We will implement our tax control programme which we tailored for the current challenges to make sure you don’t pay a penny more than legally required.

COVID Survive & Thrive Services
COVID Survive & Thrive Services


It really is time you stopped putting this off, especially now when you could be landing your loved one’s with serious financial problems. So, we will make you address this so you can sleep tight.


If you are not already using web-based software tools to help you run your business 24/7 we will show you how. Putting a cloud-based accounting platform in place as your number’s hub is essential and from there you can hook up and share the data with a myriad of other time-saving tools.

COVID Survive & Thrive Services



You’ll be one of the few

Because we do more for our clients than most accountants it means we don’t need hundreds of clients. This ensures that every client receives a tailored and personal service. Plus our clients can call their dedicated adviser at any time without charge.


You’ll pay less tax

Tax is at the heart of everything we do. With us you’ll always only ever pay the legal minimum in taxes. We don’t just want to see you after your year-end – that’s normally too late to save any tax!


We charge fair prices

Of course you want value for money… and we want money for the value provided – sound fair? We always use fixed price agreements and take monthly payments for our fees. In addition, should you need additional support or services we always quote in advance.

We are part of the Xeinadin Group. The firm of the future!