Development Days!

Development Days!

Wednesdays are now practice development & training day!

As you know we don’t take the responsibility of having the Proactive label in our business name lightly, so we’re always looking for ways to live up to this billing. And as you’ll have noticed we’re going through a constant myriad of technological advancements to help keep us in the leading pack of local advisory based firms. No doubt you’ll have recently experienced similar developments in your business and therefore you’ll know this all takes a considerable amount of time to evaluate, learn and implement new systems and services.

Ultimately we know this is an investment in our own future and longevity and therefore it’s time and money well spent, as we know this ‘continual improvement’ philosophy will pay dividends by helping us to advise you better, which in turn enables us to retain (and extend) such a quality client base as we already have.  

Digital accounting via systems such as Xero have enabled us to make advancements in handling data efficiently, but this just the start. We’ll soon be contacting you regarding our enhanced management reporting and forecasting services to help you plan, monitor and control your business finances by making more informed decisions. We also plan to offer regular business planning and coaching sessions, to provide the accountability you need to help keep you on track to hitting your targets and achieving that ultimate goal of financial freedom.  

So, as you can see we’ve got our work cut out, but it’s a strategy we’re committed to follow and to make all this happen we’ve scheduled every Wednesday as team training and development day. Rest assured, we’ve set time aside throughout the day to return your calls and emails so that you don’t suffer. We've also set aside Wednesday afternoons to undertake individual client 360° reviews, to help identify ways we can advise you better. We trust this holistic approach is why you’re with us!

We are part of the Xeinadin Group. The firm of the future!