Is business a lonely place for you?

by Adam Marlow

Is business a lonely place for you?

Is business a lonely place for you?...

and if so, do you want more help and support?


Maybe you’re feeling the strain lately or you have loads of development plans but don’t know where to start. Maybe you’re struggling to maintain sales or manage your cashflow, team, product range etc, but no matter what you’re struggling with we can help and even if we can’t personally help we’re likely to know someone who can!

Our on-track service isn’t just a coffee and a chat (unless you want it to be) because we find it’s much more productive to follow the following structured approach;

Step #1 - We start with a deep dive to get under the skin of your business because we probably know a lot less about your business than you think. 

Step #2 - Then we ascertain and document your long term goals for your business and your family.

Step #3 - At the start of each year we set up annual goals that will compound over the year’s to help you achieve your long term goals. 

Step #4 - Then throughout the year we meet monthly or bi-monthly to keep you accountable with the actions you need to take to make the year a success. 

Some clients do actually prefer to use our on-track service as a checking in facility, a bit like a counselling session, to help them talk through their thoughts, fears and ideas so they can verbalise and thereby structure their thoughts before making decisions.  

Many clients also like the idea of having the ongoing sounding board feature that’s included within this service, which enables them to call for a chat or drop an email knowing the ‘clock’ isn’t running or they're not taking liberties with free advice.

The only prerequisite for this service is that you have good quality monthly management accounts as we need to know where you are financially and what’s been happening each month numbers-wise.

So, if this ‘partnership and mentoring’ approach sounds interesting just give us a call on 01530 833474 or email so we can have an initial chat to explore this further.

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