Setting team goals for 2022

by marlowpro

Setting team goals for 2022

Motivating and retaining talented employees is harder than ever for businesses in today’s climate!

Setting goals, standards and objectives for employees and putting an appropriate appraisal process in place allows your team of people the opportunity to have their hard work recognised by the business.

The best way to do this is for both parties to clearly set out and agree expectations at the beginning of the year. Progress against expectations can then be discussed throughout the year, and a final assessment can be delivered at the end of the year.

Although it is your staff who are working towards their goals, it is vital that you support them in this. This can seem like a hindrance when you have a million other things to do but remember your investment into them is an investment into your company.

The best way to remain a constant in the journey to their goals is to agree and diarise quarterly progress meetings, either online or in person. This way you can track your employees progress against the set goals and have them support their progress with evidence. 

Your role in these meetings is to listen, evaluate, and make recommendations to aid progress. The aim is for your employee to leave these meetings motivated and involved. 

If your company’s priorities have changed, it may be necessary to revise the goals of your individual staff. Ensure that you and the employee have an open dialogue about why, what next and agree on the decision. 

Do not let the goal-getting attitude tail off halfway through the year, diarise a year-end appraisal meeting with each team member. 

The aim of this final meeting is to discuss progress towards objectives, recognise successes and set out objectives for the following year.

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