Information Technology

We’ve been working with IT businesses for years, right from the basics through to board level involvement and even the process of selling the business.

So, we know these are the issues you’ll be facing…

  • The difficulty of recruiting suitable team members.
  • Ensuring all your work is billed.
  • Creating a subscription-based service rather than a feast to famine capital model.
  • Credit control issues and cash flow juggling due to slow payers
  • Raising finance to develop your products and services and grow your team.
  • Revenue recognition and its effect on your balance sheet reserves for credit rating and dividends.
  • Business administration and the time it can absorb.
  • Tax mitigation because it’s what you keep that matters and reducing HMRC’s take to the bare minimum is a must (including R&D tax credit claims!).
  • Implementing a management team as the business grows to help you cope.
  • Structuring the business so as to protect your IP and minimise your exposure to potential creditors.

We can help you as little or as much as you wish, as you’ll have seen elsewhere on this site we prefer to work closely with our clients than most traditional accountancy firms. Keeping in touch and meeting regularly simply makes sense if you need more than just a basic end of year service.

We are part of the Xeinadin Group. The firm of the future!